friendly reminder: owning up to, learning from, and apologizing for your mistakes can go a long way

okay thank god i was afraid i was going to have to give up my favorite LP channel to watch while i shave my ass

jesus christ everything about danny sexbang is hot

*Danny Sexbang appreciation HIGHFIVE*

TurtleFlower: Do you mind if we play Don't Starve at 9:00 this evening?
AngryBonsai: *Scowls* 8:30
TurtleFlower: Okay how bout 8:45 since we're haggling?
TurtleFlower: PFFT
AngryBonsai: *Squints* We do not negotiate with terrorists!
TurtleFlower: *Laughs*
AngryBonsai: 8:25
TurtleFlower: Wait
AngryBonsai: 8:20!
TurtleFlower: I don't think this is how haggling works
AngryBonsai: This is military haggling, I keep going until I run out of numbers and then you do push-ups.



iiiiiiii really wanna get into tabletop gaming or at least tabletop gaming through netplay

anything that allows me to play games with non-shit people

especially shadowrun


YUuuup, I sure do miss DMing~



muscle practice with my forever girls tifa and samus, who are (tragically) never drawn as buff as they should be. 

powerful buff ladies


whatever wetches are journeying i don’t even care smarm


(2) Matazo Matazo work | Mechanism | Pinterest
Gaze upon these fields, for here is where I sow my fucks. However, as you can see they are barren.

It’s more satisfying to destroy him emotionally anyway. And I have THOSE already locked and loaded.

I told my father that I am leaving the state in less than a week. He was less than pleased of course. He said all of the things that I knew he would, not surprisingly all the same things that already keep me awake at night. Thank you and mom for making me into a paranoid shut-in by the way. He was really emotional which is always creepy for me. He wanted to get me alone to “talk” which I shot down everytime he brought it up. I don’t need another screaming match with a former cop thanks. I don’t particularly like having to work out how I’d take down my own father. But if he got in my face again I’d probably snap and I know which shoulder is the bionic one and that’s the first place I’d go. It’s just been a rough day.