Sleep is the fast track to tomorrow and that’s why I avoid it.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Well too fuckin’ BAAaad!

We moved to new mexico-

where there is no snow-

Haha haha HAAAaaaaa!

Cause shoveling snow is stupid

Ain’t got time for that

Haven’t seen a flake in moooonths!

Do you wanna build a snowman?

*Whispering* Screw your fucking snowman

Go away Jackie

I’m still riiiiight

Angrybonsai: Do you wanna build a snowman?
Angrybonsai: Well too fuckin' BAAaad!
Angrybonsai: We moved to New Mexico-
Angrybonsai: where there is no snow-
Angrybonsai: Haha haha HAAAaaaaa!

What kind of week has it been Fleur?

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Can’t sleep, too much hateful noise in my head. Are there are any good anime for emotional turmoil, blood and violence?

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Seriously how can someone look at that line up of brawlers and not get to ZSS and be like... wait what?


I look at that old ad for Metroid 2 and get really sad about the burly, oil-stained ZSS who could have been.

I’ll never understand why we have the zero suit and not just the fusion suit, it is far better at capturing the idea of Samus depowered than her being in a blue catsuit.Can we talk about how in one comic adaptation after being nearly mortally injured she basically eats the detonation of a power bomb to completely restore herself? Because it’s awesome.

THAT DRAWING WAS SO CUTE. Can I make it my av?

Oh gosh! Please do! :D

My cousin offered to buy me Day Z and I mentioned that I wasn’t really into it so don’t bother.

My brother agreed and said that it wasn’t really my kind of game. That it was a game about futility and pain and struggling against impossible odds to fail again and again without hope and it wasn’t really something I could appreciate.

I stared at him, stunned. And said that actually it was just because I’m not really thrilled by Zombie Apocalypse stuff. I knew what a rogue like was, I’d been playing them for years. I suddenly realized how far away from me my brother had become, how utterly disconnected we were.

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TurtleFlower: Let's be amazing together
AngryBonsai: we are a two headed snake
AngryBonsai: we can ONLY be amazing
Roommate: I wish I could just hammer out pages like you
Roommate: One of the hardest thing for me is trying to keep the tense consistent I keep going back and editing it over and over...
Me: *Glances at my writing*
Me: *Sweats*